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Thai Hiramasa Cakes

By Peggye Marks on Aug 05, 2022

Thai Hirmasa cake recipe is famous as fish is its main ingredient with fish sauce and it can be served with salad or vegetables as an appetizer.


1 1/4 Pound (500 g) Hiramasa, skinless
1 Egg white
1 Tablespoon diced ginger
2 Tablespoon finely chopped lemongrass
2 Teaspoon fish sauce
1/2 Cup chopped cilantro
1 Small red chili, diced
1 Green onion, chopped

Corn starch (optional)

Panko breadcrumbs, for the crust

Grapeseed or peanut oil, for cooking

To Serve

Sweet chili sauce (store bought)
Lime wedges
Thai Hiramasa Cakes


1. Cut the fish into chunks and place in a food processor. Add the egg white, ginger, lemongrass and fish sauce. Pulse on and off until coarsely ground and able to be shaped into cakes. Add the cilantro, chili and green onion and pulse just to combine. Can also hand mix in. (If you prefer a firmer cake, add a small spoon of corn starch and fold through).

2. Place panko in a large shallow bowl. Shape the fish mixture into desired size cakes, and lightly press into panko so that entire fish cake surface is covered. Refrigerate, covered for 30 minutes to allow flavor to develop and firm the cakes.

3. Heat a thin layer of oil in a frying pan and cook the fish cakes until golden brown on both sides. Keep warm in the oven on low heat while you cook the remainder.

4. Serve with lime wedges and sweet chili sauce.

Pairing Note: pairs nicely with beer, sake or for wine, dry Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc or Gruner Veltliner.

General Note: Enjoy these fish cakes as you would a burger, on buns or just as a meal with salad and vegetables. You can also make them smaller to serve as an appetizer or for cocktails. If you like a bit more heat, add a couple teaspoons of Thai Curry paste.