Weight: 5 oz / 142 g

Product Detail

Hoki is a white fish most often found in New Zealand and Southern Australia, as well as the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of South America.

Hoki meat is off-white and is more flavorful than most other whitefish due to its high fat content. There are seams of fat that can surround the fish fillet, while not visually appealing, they are full of essential Omega-3 fatty acids.

Also known as Blue Grenadier, it is in the Hake family.

MSC Certified Sustainable

Ingredients / Nutritional Facts
Product Care / Preparation
It can hold up to a variety of cooking methods including pan-sauteed, roasted, breaded and grilled. Skinless, boneless 5-6 oz portions.
Producer / Origin
COUNTRY: New Zealand METHOD: Wild | Frozen
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