Hon-Wasabi (Paste)


Weight: 1 oz / 23 g

Product Detail

100% HON-WASABI. The term 'Hon' refers to pure Japanese native wasabi. This true wasabi paste (no horseradish is mixed in) is made from 100% dried and powdered wasabi. Hon-Wasabi by Kinjirushi uses wasabi plants from both 'water grown' and 'field' areas.

Wasabi vs Horseradish

Are they the same? No. They are from the same Brassicaceae family and they are both hot and tangy in nature, but that's where the similarities end. Where horseradish is cultivated and available globally, the true Japanese wasabi plant is mostly cultivated in Japan.

The wasabi flavor profile is very different to horseradish offering it's own unique sweetness and freshness to the spicy finish. It's possible you've never tasted true wasabi!

Ingredients / Nutritional Facts
Product Care / Preparation
SHELF LIFE Keep refrigerated. Lasts 90 days after opened.
Producer / Origin
COUNTRY Japan PRODUCER Kinjirushi METHOD Mixture of field and water grown cultivation
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