Kurobuta Pork Tenderloin
Kurobuta Pork Tenderloin

Kurobuta Pork Tenderloin

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Weight: 1.1 lbs / 499 g 1.25 lbs / 567 g 1.5 lbs / 680 g


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Made from 100% Berkshire 'Kurobuto' hogs, these tenderloins are cut from the finest part of the pork loin, wonderfully lean and tender, yet perfectly marbled for superior juiciness and satisfying flavor. The tenderloin can be marinated and grilled, broiled, or roasted. Slice in medallions to look great with any side dish! You will see and taste the difference! Each tenderloin averages 1.0-1.5 lb. Serves 2 - 3. For over 300 years, Berkshire hogs have been recognized for their amazing meat quality. Known as ?Kurobuta? in Japan, the superior taste of Berkshire pork is as prized as Kobe beef. Like its beef counterpart, Berkshire pork boasts beautiful marbling and superb, moist texture. NO hormones or antibiotics used. Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients. Certified 100% Pure Berkshire.


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