New Zealand Lamb Shoulder (Oyster Cut, Bone-In)
New Zealand Lamb Shoulder (Oyster Cut, Bone-In)

NZ Lamb Shoulder (Oyster Cut, Bone-In)


Weight: 2.4 lbs / 1.09 kg

Product Details

The oyster cut is minus the foreshank, and has the blade bone in tact. Cook low and slow to produce a tender and incredibly delicious dish. Perfect for sharing, the shoulder is full of flavor due to its marbled fat content. This cut of meat is very forgiving and almost impossible to overcook.

Aged for 21 days, Lumina's unique breed of sheep has a micro-marbling that makes for an incredibly tender and delicious tasting lamb.

The sheep graze on chicory and are selected for their unique fat properties. Lamb shoulders are full of flavor when slowly cooked for hours in a moist environment.

Grass-fed, free range, hormone free and non-GMO, Lumina Lamb doesn't behave like regular lamb during preparation and cooking, as it retains its shape and texture better.

Average weight - 2.5 lb each. Feeds up to 4 people.

Halal certified.

Key Features & Benefits

Indulge in the ultimate culinary delight with Lumina New Zealand Lamb Shoulder, an oyster cut that promises a cooking experience as forgiving as it is flavorful. This exquisite cut, characterized by its blade bone and lack of foreshank, offers a rich marbling that enhances its taste and tenderness.

Key Features and Benefits:

- Unmatched Taste and Bold Flavor: Savor the deep, rich flavors that come from a cut renowned for its marbled fat, making it exceptionally tender and incredibly delicious.

- Superior Quality: Aged for 21 days, our lamb is sourced from sheep that graze on chicory, selected for their unique fat properties that contribute to the meat's micro-marbling and succulent texture.

- Ethical Sourcing: HALAL certified and adhering to the highest standards of animal welfare, our lamb is grass-fed, free-range, hormone-free, and non-GMO, ensuring a product that's not only good for you but also ethically responsible.

Why Choose Lumina New Zealand Lamb Shoulder (Oyster Cut)?

- Forgiving Cooking Nature: This cut is almost impossible to overcook, making it perfect for slow-cooking methods that allow its flavors to fully develop.

- Versatile Culinary Uses: Ideal for stews, braises, and slow-roasted dishes, this lamb shoulder cut showcases its beautiful flavor and tenderness in every dish.

- Feeds a Group: With an average weight of 2.5 lbs each, our lamb shoulder serves up to four people, perfect for family meals or gatherings.

Perfect for Gourmet Cooking:

The oyster cut of our lamb shoulder is superb for recipes that require long, slow cooking, such as braises and stews. This method unlocks the cut's full potential, making it a favorite for chefs and home cooks looking to impress with both flavor and presentation.

Experience the Difference

Treat yourself and your guests to the rich taste of Lumina New Zealand Lamb Shoulder. Order now and enjoy a meal that is as luxuriously tender as it is flavorfully robust. This lamb shoulder is not just a dish; it's an experience waiting to grace your table.

Ready to Elevate Your Culinary Adventures?

Step into a world of exquisite flavor with Lumina New Zealand Lamb Shoulder. Order today and transform your culinary endeavors into a feast of the senses. Each purchase supports sustainable, ethical farming practices, delivering more than just taste but a promise of quality and care.

Product Care / Preparation
Is a perfect cut for stews and braises which will show off the beautiful flavor and tenderness of the lamb.


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