Seaweed Salad (NAU 7.7 oz)
Seaweed Salad (NAU 7.7 oz)
Seaweed Salad (NAU 7.7 oz)
Seaweed Salad (NAU 7.7 oz)
Seaweed Salad (NAU 7.7 oz)

Seaweed Salad (NAU 7.7 oz)

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Weight: 8 oz / 218 g

Product Detail

This edible seaweed, hugely popular in various Asian cultures, is subtly sweet with distinct and unique bold flavors. The texture is soft with a little crunch.

Delicious on its own or add to any salad, rice bowl or soups adding a little umami flavor.

Seaweed is known to boost the immune system as it's filled with vitamins and minerals and a good way of getting mineral iodine.

Ingredients / Nutritional Facts
High fructose corn syrup, mushroom, agar, water, sesame oil, sugar, sesame, vinegar, salt, pepper, fd&C yellow #5, fd&c blue #1. May contain allergens to milk and fish.
Product Care / Preparation
Easy to prepare. Perfect amount for 1-2 portions. Keep frozen until ready to use. Thaw in the refrigerator. Will take about 6-8 hours to thaw. After thawing, eat as is or mix in prepare any way you like. Can keep in refrigerator for 2-3 days.
Producer / Origin


Beirnova / Nau Seafood




Frozen / Wild
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