An Insider’s Guide To Seafood Perfection:

The Secret Source Coveted By Top Chefs

Wednesday, March 24, 2024 : Special editorial by Kira Bennett, Senior Editor

Are you ready to discover the ultimate source of seafood sought-after by Michelin-starred chefs?

What if I told you that there’s a hidden gem among seafood suppliers, one that’s been the best-kept secret of top chefs across the U.S.?

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the availability of quality seafood at regular grocery stores and markets, read ahead to find out how you can access the premium ingredients that are closely guarded by the culinary elite. Now you can enjoy the freshest, top quality seafood products and create your own culinary masterpieces, right at home.

I’m Kira, and while I may be a journalist, I also identify as a passionate foodie and discerning hobby chef…so when my editor tasked me with uncovering the top L.A. restaurants and gourmet markets with the freshest seafood for 2024, I couldn’t wait to dive into the investigation.

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During the next few months, I explored restaurants known for their superb seafood offerings. I tasted the best of the best in terms of quality and freshness. When I interviewed the chefs and restaurant owners responsible for the most exquisite meals, the name that kept popping up with rave reviews for reliable, top-grade, sustainable seafood products was a supplier called Kai Gourmet.

I surveyed premium grocery stores with reputations for high quality seafood and tested their selections against the best restaurant dishes I’d had. A handful hit the mark and when I dug into where their products were sourced, Kai Gourmet kept coming up again and again.

Discovering that ONE single provider was sourcing all the seafood for the top chefs and markets made me realize I had to shift gears and focus on exploring Kai Gourmet.

The Discovery of Kai Gourmet: Seafood with Unmatched Freshness and Quality


I learned that Kai Gourmet was initially a behind-the-scenes supplier for the elite food scene and that they’re known for the freshest, sustainably sourced, curated selection of seafood favored for exceptional taste and quality. They have provided the best restaurants, private chefs, and celebrities in the U.S. with premium seafood for over a decade and have earned accolades from Food & Wine magazine and the L.A. Times.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Kai Gourmet ’s passionate attention to detail sets them apart as connoisseurs of culinary indulgence. Fresh, sustainably sourced seafood is flown in daily from all over the globe, as well as picked up from well-vetted, local suppliers, and taken to their El Segundo facility where it is meticulously fileted and prepared. An expert team, dedicated to perfection, hand-select, hand-cut, and package every order with precision. Each fish is meticulously graded, ensuring every filet meets the highest standards followed by a promise of delivery from fishing pole to plate with unmatched speed.

All of this comes with peace of mind knowing it’s sourced sustainably and offers crystal clear traceability, citing the origin, fishing methods and certifications for each product.

Kai Gourmet offers mouthwatering selections like the best-selling Ora King salmon from New Zealand. Known as the Wagyu of the sea, this award-winning breed is renowned for its rich flavor and marbled striped flesh, adding exquisite texture to the delicacy.

Celebrated for premium offerings like Sashimi-grade saku varieties with elegant flavors and exquisite buttery textures, the delicate, nuanced sweetness of Branzino (European Sea Bass), the sleek, ivory white meat of a Black Cod filet, or an indulgent range of premium sturgeon caviar, Kai Gourmet’s seafood, top quality meats and specialty pantry items, like their truffle salt, will impress even the most discerning chefs. 

However, given the often overwhelming demand for their products, even celebrities and high-end chefs COULDN’T get their hands on Kai Gourmet seafood at times. It was crazy how fast their most recent catch would sell out…but when the pandemic hit and restaurants slowed down, they decided to pivot and launched their consumer facing store. 

With no big press release or fan fare, they made their ultra-premium seafood available to the public (you and me) at reasonable prices. They weren’t out to gouge anyone, just to offer the best quality seafood on earth, direct to the consumer.

Now you can access restaurant-quality seafood delivered directly to your doorstep with unbeatable freshness - within 36-48 hours of the catch.


I couldn’t believe it. I immediately headed to the Kai Gourmet website, excited to try it for myself. Their curated, specialty seafood boxes looked incredible. With multiple options offering convenience and exceptional value, I struggled to choose between the Gourmet Market Seafood Box, Salmon Lovers Box, Sashimi-Grade Sushi Box, Chef’s Selection Box, and Surf N’ Turf Box because I wanted to try them all. THEY EVEN OFFER RECIPES to go along with each catch. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this gourmet seafood.

The Kai Gourmet website made ordering a breeze. I could easily choose a delivery date that was convenient for me with the promise that my chilled seafood would arrive in an eco-friendly, insulated package ensuring freshness.

Two days later, I received my Kai Gourmet order exactly as promised, and the contents did not disappoint. My fish was perfectly prepared, at peak freshness, and tasted amazing. I spent the weekend making the most unbelievably delicious dishes that rivaled some of the memorable meals I experienced while researching the best restaurants. 

I’ve tried all of their specialty seafood boxes now and I’m hooked. I’ve been cooking up a storm and am thrilled to always have an interesting and inspiring variety of premium seafood to work with. 

I never expected that in being tasked with writing about the best seafood in L.A., I would uncover this amazing secret that’s elevated my home dining experiences so much - and I’m compelled to share it with the world so that everyone can access the same quality seafood as the culinary elite.

Despite their consumer shop’s humble, secretive start, customers are now CLAMORING to buy Kai Gourmet artisanal seafood and they routinely sell out. If you can get your hands on a single order, or even land a subscription (which they limit each month based on availability), Don’t hesitate. DO IT NOW!

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