Crème Fraîche
Cr?me Fra?che

Crème Fraîche


Weight: 5 oz / 142 g

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Product Details

This award-winning French-style cultured cream has a rich, nutty flavor with an appealing tart finish. 

Crème Fraîche can be used in place of sour cream and unlike sour cream, it never curdles in soups or sauces and brings a complex richness to the simplest of dishes. 

Ingredients / Nutritional Facts
Ingredients: Cultured Grade A pasteurized cream.
Product Care / Preparation
Pairing Suggestions: Crème Fraîche is perfect on blinis with caviar on top! Dollop over fruit, stir into soups & sauces and serve with pastry & desserts.
Producer / Origin


Bellwether Farms


USA (Sonoma county, California