Uni / Sea Urchin (Santa Barbara)
Uni / Sea Urchin (Santa Barbara)
Uni / Sea Urchin (Santa Barbara)
Uni / Sea Urchin (Santa Barbara)

Uni / Sea Urchin (Santa Barbara)

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Product Details

Favored among chefs around the world, Santa Barbara uni is known for its fresh sweet, and delicate flavor. If you are unfamiliar with Sea Urchin from Santa Barbara and love 'Uni', you are in for a treat! 

Premium Santa Barbara Sea Urchin (also called Uni in Japanese) is a species of Sea Urchin found in the waters around Santa Barbara, California. This is a long-spine species.

Native Californians in the state are well-versed in eating sea urchin. Southern California's coasts are considered a veritable goldmine for this delicacy, with divers harvesting the kelp beds at depths up to 24 m/80 ft to collect this local uni. One of the great things about living in Southern California is the proximity to Santa Barbara and having access to this local sea urchin.

Ingredients / Nutritional Facts
Sea urchin is a treasure trove of nutrients, boasting an impressive content of protein and dietary fiber as well as trace minerals such as zinc. Those in search of a more colorful meal can also count on its rich source of Beta Carotene, which it obtains from its kelp-based diet. Alongside these beneficial elements are vitamins C and A, typically found in dark leafy greens or winter squash that may further boost one's immunity levels - making sea urchin one of the ideal fatty fishes to consume!
Product Care / Preparation

Eating Sea Urchins - Ways To Enjoy Santa Barbara Uni

  • The most common way to savor sea urchin is by consuming its unprocessed core in the same manner as one enjoys biting into an oyster or sampling sushi. Uni is an essential component in many traditional sushi dishes!
  • Boost the intensity of this Santa Barbara Uni's flavor by delicately dipping it into soy sauce.
  • For a more indulgent experience, try serving it alongside a piece of bread generously spread with butter.
  • Alternatively, you could create your own homemade dish by wrapping in Nori and sushi rice.
  • Uni can also be used to enhance sauces and soups in various ways!
Producer / Origin


USA (Santa Barbara Coast)


Fresh / Wild