Fresh uni in a 200 gram tray
Uni as an appetizer on an oyster with caviar
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Uni / Sea Urchin (Santa Barbara)

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Product Details

One of the sea's ultimate delicacies, uni (sea urchin) is favored among chefs around the world for its ocean fresh flavor and delicate, custard-like texture. 

Southern California's coastline is considered a veritable goldmine for uni. The waters around Santa Barbara in particular are known for producing some of the best uni, which is harvested from the red sea urchins (Strongylocentrotus franciscanus). The famed long-spine species can be found in the northeastern Pacific Ocean from Alaska down to Baja California. Each urchin is hand collected by divers who harvest kelp beds at depths up to 24 m/80 ft, and each piece of uni is gently extracted to retain its form. Uni is truly a labor of love and experiencing it on your tongue is worth every penny! 

Please note that when ordering this item, you will receive 'premium' uni (B grade), which is commonly served in high-quality sushi bars. Slight variations in color, texture, and size of individual pieces may occur within the same package. 

Ingredients / Nutritional Facts
Sea urchin is a treasure trove of nutrients, boasting an impressive content of protein and dietary fiber as well as trace minerals such as zinc. Those in search of a more colorful meal can also count on its rich source of Beta Carotene, which it obtains from its kelp-based diet. Alongside these beneficial elements are vitamins C and A, typically found in dark leafy greens or winter squash that may further boost one's immunity levels - making sea urchin one of the ideal fatty seafoods to consume!
Product Care / Preparation

Eating Sea Urchins - Ways To Enjoy Santa Barbara Uni

  • The most common way to savor sea urchin is by consuming its unprocessed core in the same manner as one enjoys biting into an oyster or sampling sushi. Uni is an essential component in many traditional sushi dishes!
  • Boost the intensity of this Santa Barbara uni's flavor by delicately dipping it into soy sauce.
  • For a more indulgent experience, try serving it alongside a piece of bread generously spread with butter.
  • Alternatively, you could create your own homemade dish by wrapping in nori and sushi rice.
  • Uni can also be used to enhance sauces and soups in various ways!
Producer / Origin


USA (Santa Barbara Coast)


Fresh / Wild