Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs (1.6 lb)
Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs (1.6 lb)
Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs (1.6 lb)

Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs (1.6 lb)


Weight: 1.6 lbs / 726 g

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Product Details

Make an impression with your guests by serving100% Australian Wagyu Beef 'flavor bomb' hot dogs. Eat them like you would any beef frank but they will certainly taste unlike any you've had! Enjoy with your favorite toppings or keep it simple and let the Kobe-style beef speak for itself.

Wagyu beef is world renowned for its consistency and marbling. Wagyu cattle in Australia are raised free-range for 18 months and then spend 360 days being fed a non-GMO Japanese formulation of white grains to obtain the distinct marbling. They are also free of unnecessary antibiotics. This strict diet aims to aid a healthy growth process and optimize marbling in the cattle. The entire process is carefully implemented to protect the integrity of the cattle and ensure a noble product.

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