Fresh Black Cod/Sablefish
Black Cod / Sablefish (In Season)
Black Cod / Sablefish (In Season)

Black Cod / Sablefish (In Season)

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FRESH, In Season! This wild fresh Black Cod/Sablefish is caught along the Pacific Northwest. Interestingly it is not a cod at all, but in fact a sablefish, and the color can range from black to a dark mottled green or gray.

A sleek-looking fish with ivory-white fillets, velvety texture and buttery flavor. Super-loaded with great taste and healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

There are two seasons for fresh, wild Black Cod/Sablefish: April - July and Oct- Dec.  

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Works beautifully with all cooking methods: Steamed, Roasted, Braised, pan-sauteed, Fried.
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Pacific Northwest


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