H. Forman 'London Cure' Smoked Salmon
H. Forman 'London Cure' Smoked Salmon

H. Forman 'London Cure' Smoked Salmon


Weight: 4 oz / 113 g

Product Detail

The 'London Cure' is H. Forman's signature brand to their century old tradition of smoked Scottish salmon. 

A favorite of Michelin starred chefs, H. Forman's London Cure is not too salty and delicately smoked. No sugar, no nitrites, no added coloring and no wet brine. You will receive the finest smoked Scottish salmon direct to your door.

The freshest of salmon is delivered to H. Forman's facilities within 48 hours of harvest which is then artisanally processed. Every side of salmon is prepared by hand, from the filleting, to the salting, to the pin-boning as well as hand-carving.

KLBD Kosher Certified. Pre-sliced.

Ingredients / Nutritional Facts
Ingredients: Salmon, rock salt, oak smoke Shelf-life:Unopened refrigerated shelf life -21 days Feeds 2-3 people.
Product Care / Preparaion
Pre-sliced. KLBD Kosher Certified.
Producer / Origin


H. Forman


United Kingdom (London)


Farmed / Smoked
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