Crab Cakes
Dungeness Crab Meat (Fresh)
Dungeness Crab Meat (Fresh)

Dungeness Crab Meat (Fresh)


Weight: 1.0 lbs / 454 g

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Product Details

Harvested in the Pacific Northwest, this delicious Dungeness crab meat is carefully shelled and shredded so you can enjoy it straight out of the tub.

Found only on the Eastern side of the Pacific Ocean, Dungeness are popular all over the world. The meat of Dungeness crab is tender and succulent with a sweet and delicate flavor and hint of nuttiness. This delicacy is absolutely delicious in any crab recipe, from crab cakes, dips and salads, to pastas, rice dishes, fish stews and breakfast dishes such as omelets! 

Ingredients / Nutritional Facts
Product Care / Preparation
Delicious in salads, pastas, rice dishes, fish stews and any crab recipe.
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USA (Oregon)


Fresh / Wild