Tuna - Bigeye/Yellowfin (Ahi)
Tuna - Bigeye/Yellowfin (Ahi)

Tuna - Bigeye/Yellowfin (Ahi)

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Known as 'Ahi' in Hawaii. Sold as either Yellowfin or BigEye (depending on availability that day). French Polynesian fisheries have long produced some of the finest tuna in the world. We source ours from Ocean Products of Tahiti and private fishermen in New Zealand. Ocean Products is a well-respected family-owned company who has been fishing for years and whose seafood is considered the best of the best. These large, torpedo-like fish are wild-caught in the open waters of the South Pacific (and New Zealand) using sustainable techniques by experienced fishermen who take immense pride in their work and have respect for the sea. As more health-conscious diners discover the pleasures of Yellowfin and Bigeye tuna, demand for quality fresh tuna has never been higher. This true sashimi-grade tuna is extremely tender and mild with a vibrant red color. Delicious eaten raw or lightly seared, this easy to prepare tuna makes an appetizing impression on the plate.

What is Sashimi Saku?

Saku is the Japanese term to describe a uniformly cut block of skinless, boneless seafood, ready for slicing into perfect sashimi portions. Not only is it a great choice for sashimi, it also allows the cook to easily prep for pan searing, cutting for salads, poke and more! A no fuss, no muss option and an excellent source of protein.

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