Kai Gourmet Sashimi Saku Selections Trio of hamachi salmon and tuna
Sashimi 'Saku'

Sashimi 'Saku' Selections

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Weight: 8 oz / 227 g 8 oz / 227 g 8 oz / 227 g 8 oz / 227 g

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Product Details

'Saku' is the Japanese term to describe a uniformly cut block of skinless, boneless sashimi-quality seafood. This chef-loved shape makes easy work of sashimi and sushi - simply slice and serve!

Not only are saku cuts ideal for sashimi, sushi, and other raw presentations like crudo, they can be pan seared and sliced for a salad or entrée.

'Saku' Selections: (Availability varies)

Ōra King Salmon

Flavor: Rich flavor with a wonderful firm, oily texture. Origin: New Zealand Method: Farmed / Fresh Please Note: It may contain some bones. Very difficult to remove all of them. Can be easily removed with tweezers.

Atlantic Salmon

Flavor: Delicious salmon flavor with a firm texture. Origin: Varies between Canada, Scotland, and Tasmania Method: Farmed / Fresh


Flavor: Light yet elegant flavor with luscious, buttery texture. Origin: Japan Method: Farmed / Refreshed

Tuna - Bluefin Akami

Flavor: Mild beautiful flavor. Less fatty than toro, red meat. Beautiful as sashimi or sushi. Origin: Spain and Baja California Method: Farmed / Fresh 

Ingredients / Nutritional Facts
Product Care / Preparation
These sashimi saku are ready to slice and serve!. Slice against the grain. Slice with a sharp knife making each slice around 1/2 inch or thinner. Keep refrigerated until ready to use.
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