Sea Bream (NZ Snapper)
Sea Bream
Sea Bream (NZ Snapper)
Sea Bream (NZ Snapper)

Sea Bream (NZ Snapper)

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Weight: 1.5 lbs / 680 g 11 oz / 318 g 10 oz / 295 g 1.4 lbs / 635 g 1.3 lbs / 590 g

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Product Details

New Zealand Sea Bream is mostly known as "Tai Snapper or "New Zealand Snapper" which is beloved in high-end white tablecloth and sushi restaurants.

Sustainably certified, it is wild caught on long lines and humanely killed by the Japanese "Iki-Jime" method which ensures there is very little stress put on the fish. The pinkish-white meat has a firm, medium texture and delicate, mild flavor that holds up well to all cooking methods.

 Note: New Zealand Snapper is not the same breed as the snapper common to the U.S. Is very similar to the highly sought after Japanese Madai fish.

PLEASE NOTE: 1 fillet order = 2 sides of fish. Equals 1 whole fish in fillet form. All weights shown are estimated total weights,

    Ingredients / Nutritional Facts
    Product Care / Preparation
    This fish can be enjoyed raw as sushi or sashimi, and is easy to work with for grilling, baking, frying, poaching and smoking. Click Here for Sea Bream recipes from our Pinterest board!
    Producer / Origin
    PRODUCER: Leigh Fisheries COUNTRY: New Zealand METHOD: Fresh / Wild