Calvisius Black Caviar
Calvisius Black Caviar
Calvisius Black Caviar
Calvisius Black Caviar

Calvisius Black Caviar

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Product Details

Sourced from the White sturgeon (A. transmontanus), this caviar exhibits an elegant, buttery flavor with an enjoyable soft 'pop' with the eggs.  

A delicious caviar with an affordable price so that it can be used as an appetizer for a crowd or dinner party.

Ingredients / Nutritional Facts


Best served simply with a small dollop of crŠme fraiche over a blini or small potato and a scoop of Calvisius on top! A true Malassol (low salt) caviar. This is a fresh caviar (not pasteurized).


Unopened: lasts up to 3+ months. Each tin has an best by date on the bottom. Once opened, is best to consume within 24 to 48 hours as off flavors can develop. Can be eaten days later, but like an opened wine, oxidation will change the fresh flavors of the caviar.
Product Care / Preparation
Slightly heat treated, this caviar will last 3-5 months in the tin, unopened. After opening, suggested to consume within 2-4 days to maintain the freshness of the flavor.
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Fresh / Farmed