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Exceptional caviar takes patience to produce. It also takes an exceptional depth of knowledge and expertise. As one of the premier and leading sturgeon farms in the world, Calvisius consistently produces some of the finest true ‘Malassol’ caviar found anywhere which is 100% sustainable and traceable. State-of-the-art sustainable practices are combined with traditional techniques to transform the sturgeon eggs into a sophisticated delicacy that is served by the world’s finest restaurants and businesses.

Calvisius is based in Calvisano, Italy, an area rich with pure natural spring waters. It is the purity of this water that helps grow the prized sturgeon and produces the unique characteristics of Calvisius’ extraordinary range of caviar. Every breed of Calvisius’ sturgeon has received the internationally recognized “Friend of the Sea” certification for the company’s commitment to fish welfare, quality and sustainability. These practices have also helped Calvisius attain the IFS Higher Level certification and make them the only caviar producer to obtain the BRC certification for quality.

Calvisius caviar sold in the U.S. is fresh, not pasteurized and has a 3-month shelf life. The styles of caviar offered are California White sturgeon (A. Transmontanus), Oscietra (A. Gueldenstaedtii), Siberian (A. Baerii) and Sevruga (A. Stellatus). They also produce premium Beluga (Huso Huso) and Adriatic (A. Naccarii) however they are illegal to buy or sell in the U.S.

When you taste the pure, fresh flavors of Calvisius’ caviar, you’ll understand why this unique class of caviar continues to seduce the palates of true caviar connoisseurs worldwide and why it consistently rates in the top two when placed in blind caviar tastings.

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