Siberian Classic Caviar (Baerii)
Siberian Classic Caviar (Baerii)
Siberian Classic Caviar (Baerii)

Siberian Classic Caviar (Baerii)

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Product Details

Cultivated from the A. Baerii sturgeon, an ancient species indigenous to the fluvial basins of Siberia (from the Ob to the Kolyma rivers) and Lake Baikal. This Siberian classic caviar offers medium-sized eggs with a delicate texture and has dark to golden gray colors. A popular caviar with full-flavored aromas of the sea along with a pure, clean finish.

A true Malassol (low salt) caviar.

The fishing of wild sturgeon is illegal worldwide which has created the need for sturgeon farms around the globe. Calvisius has been farming sturgeon for over 30 years and through diligent research and development, is producing some of the finest caviar in the world.

This is a fresh caviar (not pasteurized). All Calvisius caviar is certified sustainable by "Friend of the Sea" as well as BRC and IFS 'high level' certified.


You can special order any size you want including 500g and larger! Delivery time is between 3-5 days depending when order is placed. Inquire here to order.
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This caviar's bold flavor is delicious on blinis, boiled baby potatoes, pasta and anything else you'd like to add the luxury of caviar flavor to! One of our favorite applications is on top of a homemade potato chip with creme fraiche!


Unopened: up to 3 months. Each tin has an expiration date on the bottom. Once opened, is best to consume within 24 to 48 hours as off flavors can develop. Can be eaten days later, but like a wine, oxidation will change the fresh flavors of the caviar.
Producer / Origin


Vertically integrated, Calvisius is one of a handful of caviar producers who not only own their farms but also controls the packing of the Calvisius brand. Production is monitored from the start of the sturgeon's life to the end consumer, roe to roe. Because there is no repacking by a third party, you can be assured each tin will produce the same delicious consistent quality that Calvisius is known for, year after year.






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