Beluga Hybrid Caviar
Beluga Hybrid Caviar

Beluga Hybrid Caviar

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Product Details

Pure Beluga (Huso-Huso) caviar may be illegal in the U.S. but Beluga hybrids are allowed and we have the finest you’ll ever experience!

This Beluga hybrid selection is as rare as it is remarkable. Rare because it's the only hybrid of its kind, made from true Beluga (Huso-Huso) and White sturgeons (Transmontanus), both grown in the Calvisius farms.  We have not found this pairing of sturgeon anywhere else in the world which makes this truly a one-of-a-kind caviar.  

Remarkable because the size of the roe (3.8mm) and flavor boasts pure, rich and bold Beluga flavors - tasting as close to true, 100% Beluga as it gets!

Tasting Notes: Roe is medium gray color with flavors embellishing the elegance of White sturgeon and the wagyu, wild masculine flavor profile of true Beluga. Bold flavors yet smooth and buttery with a long finish.

Please note: The reason this caviar does not fall under the Calvisius name is because all Calvisius branded caviar is 100% pure, single species caviar. This caviar is a hybrid. However, the farming and production of caviar falls under the sustainable and expert practices of Calvisius.

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Best served simply with a small dollop of crŠme fraiche over a blini or small potato and a scoop of Calvisius on top! A true Malassol (low salt) caviar. This is a fresh caviar (not pasteurized).


Unopened: lasts up to 3+ months. Each tin has an best by date on the bottom. Once opened, is best to consume within 24 to 48 hours as off flavors can develop. Can be eaten days later, but like an opened wine, oxidation will change the fresh flavors of the caviar.
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