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Premium Quality Seafood and Natural Gourmet Food Deliveries Available


Thinking outside the fresh, sustainable seafood box

Fresh, sustainable. premium quality seafood is the main focus of our business. We care about the environment and only source seafood from producers who practice sustainable fishing and farming methods. An important part of our culinary mission is reflecting global concern about where seafood comes from and what happens to it between the water and your plate. Transparency and traceability are key ingredients.

Kai Gourmet’s goal is to provide high-end, sustainable products from reputable sources and make them available to discerning customers throughout the United States within the shortest possible time frame. Our wild-caught fresh fish, for example, can be delivered within 36 hours, from the clean, cool waters of New Zealand to your doorstep! Unless, you’re living near a fishing community, it doesn’t get fresher than this!

For the conscientious enthusiast who is reading this, all of our wild-caught, long-line fresh and premium quality seafood from New Zealand is ‘Friend of the Sea’ certified. It is also part of QMS (New Zealand Quota Management System) and TACC (Total Allowable Commercial Catch).

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