Pesto Seasoning (Dallorto)
Pesto Seasoning (Dallorto)

Pesto Seasoning (Dallorto)

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If you love authentic pesto, you will love this unique condiment. Tartuflanghe took a traditional Genovese pesto recipe and freeze-dried the sauce using a very special NoH20 drying process. This turns the sauce into a remarkable pesto powder that any adventurous (and non-adventurous) chef will LOVE! Impress your guests when you dress up your dishes with this special 100% pesto powder. Tartuflanghe is not only Italy's top Truffle supplier, they also create many special gourmet products to which freeze-drying fruits, vegetables and sauces is one of them. This pesto powder is also used by Michelin chefs in Italy! Suggested Uses: Tastes exactly like traditional Italian pesto. Use as a garnish for anything you want to add pesto flavor to. Can turn it into a sauce by adding water or extra virgin olive oil. In its powder form, use as a spice, sprinkle over tomatoes, mozzarella, burrata, to season seafood, pasta, pizza, salads, fresh cheese or to enrich sauces and condiments. Be creative as the sky is the limit! Ingredients: Basil, Parmigiano Reggiano CHEESE (MILK, salt, rennet), pine nuts, Fiore Sardo CHEESE (MILK, rennet, salt), garlic.




Italy (Alba)
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