Barramundi 8oz

Barramundi (8 oz - Frozen)


Weight: 8 oz / 227 g

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Product Details

Barramundi is similar to other firm, white-fleshed fish like snapper, grouper, sea bass, and sole. It is considered a 'superfood' as it packs a larger load of healthy Omega-3s than most of its white-fleshed counterparts.

Also known as Asian Sea Bass, Akame and Giant Perch.

Our Barramundi comes from eco-friendly, sustainable, state-of-the-art, open water farms known for their commitment to preserving the environment and producing the highest quality product. The fish are protected in the clear ocean waters off Malaysia, far from land and pollution.

  • The pinkish flesh-toned meat cooks up snow-white.
  • A 'family friendly' fish.
  • No muddy flavors.
  • Great sautéed, baked, fried or grilled. Is especially delicious in Thai curries.

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Ingredients / Nutritional Facts
Product Care / Preparation
6-8 oz portions. Skin-off
Producer / Origin


Goh Siong Tee (GST)




Frozen/ Farmed