Yuzu Salt
Yuzu Salt

Yuzu Salt


Weight: 4 oz / 100 g

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Product Details

Yuzu is a popular citrus in Japan and throughout Eastern Asia.  Is a unique and delicious flavor unlike any citrus found in the USA.  Some people think it's a cross between lime and orange but that really doesn't give it the special 'note' that it deserves.

This salt has a higher concentration of yuzu juice in it than other Yuzu Salts which really gives it that umami punch.  Use it on anything that you want to add a special citrusy salty flavor too.  Use as a finishing salt. 

Gluten Free. No MSG.

Ingredients / Nutritional Facts
Salt, Yuzu Juice, Dextrin, Maltose, Silicon Dioxide
Product Care / Preparation
Use this salt as a finishing salt in a wide variety of dishes. Try on roasted, sauteed, steamed or grilled seafood, sushi or sashimi, meats, salads, risottos, eggs and vegetables. Gluten Free. No MSG.
Producer / Origin