Kanzuri (Red Chili Yuzu paste)
Kanzuri (Red Chili Yuzu paste)

Kanzuri (Red Chili Yuzu paste)

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Product Details

Kanzuri is a special yuzu condiment that is unique to the region of Niigata, Japan. Each January, bright red chilis are salted and then buried to ferment in the snow. The red chilis are then mixed with yuzu, rice malt (koji) and salt and aged for 3 years before being bottled and sold.

If you're familiar with Yuzu-Kosho, then you'll recognize the familiar yuzu flavor. Kanzuri is less salty with its own distinct umami flavor. This unique condiment is delicious on almost anything you try it on. Can be used the same way as one uses Yuzu-Kosho along with many other applications. Pastas, pizza, potato, meat, chicken or seafood. A little bit goes a long way - just know you'll be reaching for more!

Cooking Tips from The Japan Times: Kanzuri can be used whenever you might use Yuzu Kosho or mustard paste in Japanese dishes, such as in nabe (hot pot), oden (simmered vegetables and protein), nimono dishes, soups, or on grilled meat, chicken or seafood. It also works well in Western-style dishes ? try using it instead of harissa. Mix a little into cream cheese or mayonnaise to use as a dip, or into warm olive oil with a little grated garlic. It also adds heat and umami notes to salad dressings and ponzu sauce.
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PRODUCER: Kanzuri COUNTRY: Japan (Niigata)