AngusPure Burger Patties (Grass Fed)
AngusPure Burger Patties (Grass Fed)

AngusPure Burger Patties (Grass Fed)


Weight: 1.0 lbs / 454 g

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Product Details

These patties are 100% grass fed, aged for 28 days. Add any of your favorite toppings to these delicious burgers.

4 oz each. 4 burgers in a pack.

New Zealand's AngusPure Special Reserve brand of cattle are farmed in the vast open landscapes of the South Island, grazing on pristine grasses year round. 

Halal Certified. (All AngusPure beef is Halal Certified)

Ingredients / Nutritional Facts
Low PH levels, no antibiotics or hormones.
Product Care / Preparation
Producer / Origin




New Zealand


Farmed / Frozen